HeartMates for Couples

1. What is the difference between HeartMates for Singles and HeartMates for Couples?

HeartMates for Singles is a year-long proven Intimacy Training Program & Dating App all rolled into one that included LIVE Zoom Conscious Connection calls to support members in Becoming the One to Find the One so they can Keep the One.
HeartMates for Couples is meant for those who are in a relationship and choose to grow together so they can stay together, knowing that real relationships require real work… inner work, communication skills, time for sacred touch and meaningful connection and heart centered commitment.

2. How much time per week do we have to dedicate?

The lessons are between 15 to 60 minutes.
The meditations between 5 to 15 minutes.
Your weekly homework will range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on how deep you want to dive.

3. Can I have private sessions during the program?

Yes, you can work privately with me or my Allana Pratt Method Certified Coaches. To be sure that you're a fit for my private coaching program we invite you to first meet with my Intimacy Success Advisor on an Intimacy Blind-spot Breakthrough call. You can register for that discounted $97 call at www.AllanaPratt.Com/connect

4. What if by the end of the year, we are still in the same position as we are now?

Allana: Unless you don't show up, don't do any homework, don't try, don't listen and sit in the corner pouting xox... There is no hope in hell you're going to be in the same position :-) Guaranteed.

The only possibility that you could be in a similar position is that you’re completely new to the personal growth path and have several decades of trauma, triggers and healing to shift. Given you will have developed deeper clarity, healing, knowing and Truth… you may discover that while you desire a PhD level intimate relationship… you've only put in the time, energy and resources for an elementary school level relationship. This is great news! You can see what it will take to close the gap. Now you require the next logical step…another year within HeartMates which has 2 yrs of fresh evolving content… or join the group, private or VIP coaching to gratefully get through the finish line to thriving intimacy in a lasting way.

5. What if my partner won’t join me?

Allana: When I started turning marriages around… if only one spouse wanted to do the work, I would’ve said you’re sh*t out of luck.
However NOW I’ve witnessed countless marriages heal, reconnect, thrive better than ever when only ONE partner does the work. Why? Everything’s energy. The balance HAS to shift when one person shifts.

The kind of partner that’s willing to do the work knowing the other won’t (yet) is a BRAVE soul. They are willing to let go of being right, of it being fair, of making them ‘pay’, of feeling justified. I bow in reverence to these amazing soul’s that take the high road and create a life that works for them, even if their partner doesn’t join them, even if the process doesn’t look like what they desired or expected.

By the end of the 12 months… even if only one partner does the work and shifts the energetic balance in the favor of a thriving relationship and the other partner is STILL a jerk… then you’ll have no regrets. You will have done everything you could. And all your emotional triggers will be calm, peaceful and still.

AND you will have told the Universe that you’re serious about having a thriving life of intimate connection, meaningful communication and sensual bliss. You will complete your relationship with grace, consciousness and kindness. And who you attract next will reflect your spiritual maturity.

Those who give up BEFORE doing the inner work only attract the same partner next time, just in a different body.

6. Not to be skeptical, but Allana is twice divorced, why should I trust her?

Allana: True, I don’t have experience with a 20 yrs marriage. Thus I am not a marriage coach ;-) However I have a 50 yr relationship with my Little You, with the Divine and with thousands of couples and singles who I’ve facilitated becoming their BEST self and masterfully communicating with their heart open in the face of ANYTHING… which ultimately equips them for handling the challenges and celebrating the wins in ALL relationships.

Isn’t it true that our greatest growth occurs not when we get something right on the first try… but when we’ve failed, messed up, fallen down, made a mistake and gotten BACK UP AGAIN? I could have gotten bitter, yet instead I got better ;-) I am an Intimacy Expert helping you KNOW your truth, LIVE your truth and CREATE your most authentic life, connections and expression.

You may never feel as safe, seen, understood, honored, cherished and believed in, than in my presence.
I love you just as much if your heart’s truth is to stay together, bless and release one another, open your marriage, live untraditionally or something else… what matters to me is that you’re a grounded pure channel of your Highest Truth. This way I can guide you to effectively communicate, meaningfully connect and bravely keep your heart open in the face of anything.

I don't pity you. You’re not broken. You simply have wounds that I heal so as to reveal your capacity to live FULLY ALIVE. I believe in your grandeur. I trust from there... you’ve got this ;-)

7. Do you have a cancellation/refund policy?

8. What is the worst case scenario?

This is the worst case scenario: you become the one, your best self in every nine areas of your life physically, mentally, spiritually, vocationally, financially, socially, parentally, romantically and sexually. We both know that how you do anything, is how you do everything.
Best case scenario you wake up, grow up, show up, meet up, connect up... And Become the One who awakens the One!
Best BEST case scenario? You apply the skills you’re learning and when things get challenging, you sit in the fire and grow even closer with your HeartMate over time. You realize that indeed couples who grow together, stay together.
What if you do awaken the one you are with? Then, the REAL issues arise: "Am I worthy to have what I want?", "Am I willing to love myself soooo much that I open up, grow up, wake up and show up for my dreams?", "Am I ready to stop deflecting and actually slow down, open up and receive my dream?".
Yes you ARE worthy! Yes you CAN have your dream! Allow HeartMates to lovingly effectively shine a light on your blind spots, heal your sabotaging patterns, awaken the BEST in you to Become the ONE... and set you free to have the intimacy you desire... and so much more.

9. I am afraid. I find all love matters hard to deal with. In what ways will I be supported with this training?

People who we’ve had the blessing of being in our online communities have reported they not only feel safe, seen and heard... they also feel understood in a way that very few people have EVER understood them. Something inside them rests into peace when they watch a video. They exhale all the way when they hear my voice in meditations. They laugh to the core, weep those good tears that feel so cleansing, they get fired up to show up authentically... they even feel Allana Pratt right with them sitting in the fire facing their own shadows.

They find that her LIVE Zoom trainings make them feel so honored because she and her Coaches are deeply present, loving, nonjudgmental, vulnerable, down to earth yet completely professional. Every step you’ve taken in your life has led you to this profound community where you are healed from your fears, where the past is integrated into your superpower, where you are held in a soul tribe more profoundly than you may ever have known possible.

Both clients testimonials and results speak for themselves. Trust your knowing, this is where you’ll finally come HOME and as a result, Become the One & Awaken the One.

True relationship success requires both bravery and humility, a willingness to go for it and ask for help. Let’s do this, my love. Join now.

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