1. What if I don’t find the one?

While we can’t guarantee that you will Find the One within the Dating App, we CAN guarantee that if you practice the work proposed in the Intimacy Training you will Become the one and eventually attract a person in alignment with you. Many clients over the past 20 yrs meet someone on week 1! Others 6 months after the training. Divine Timing always wins.

This is the worst case scenario: you become the one, your best self in every nine areas of your life physically, mentally, spiritually, vocationally, financially, socially, parentally, romantically and sexually. We both know that how you do anything, is how you do everything.

Best case scenario you wake up, grow up, show up, meet up, connect up... And Become the One who finds the One!
Best BEST case scenario? You apply the skills you’re learning and when things get challenging, you sit in the fire and grow even closer with your HeartMate over time. You realize that indeed couples who grow together, stay together.

What if you do find the one? Then, the REAL issues arise: "Am I worthy to have what I want?", "Am I willing to love myself soooo much that I open up, grow up, wake up and show up for my dreams?", "Am I ready to stop deflecting and actually slow down, open up and receive my dream?".

Yes you ARE worthy! Yes you CAN have your dream! Allow HeartMates to lovingly effectively shine a light on your blindspots, heal your sabotaging patterns, awaken the BEST in you to Become the ONE... and set you free to have the intimacy you desire... and so much more.

2. What if I find the One, can I cancel the Dating App subscription and continue the Intimacy Training?

The HeartMates Dating App is complimentary as a member of HeartMates Intimacy Training.

So even if you Find the One (Congratulations! xox) you don’t water a plant once and expect it to live. Thriving intimacy with self & beloved is a LIFESTYLE. It’s a journey not a destination. It’s a practice not a ‘one and done’. You have to keep pedaling or you’ll fall over, yes? KEEP doing the delicious work for delicious sustainable expanding results.

So when you meet someone special in HeartMates... you may choose to stop dating other people, and that’s fine. You can put your profile on hold if you’ve chosen to date someone exclusively... yet KEEP doing the work! Keep having meaning conversations in the weekly Zoom Conscious Connections with your tribe.

Keep doing your inner work with Meditation Moments, Glorious Growth, Balance and Restore and Secret Solutions... AND after the year is up if you’re still together... I invite you to share a celebratory video with the whole community of how you grew together and why you know you have found your HeartMate! Then I invite you to continue growing and deepening in HeartMates for Couples!

And if after a while, you both grew, evolved and loved your time together yet decided it was close but not a long term fit, take your profile off hold and begin dating within the community again. Give transparency to get transparency. Give heart connection to get heart connection. Give your best self to get their best self. All the while... Become the One as a spiritual practice.

3. How do I know if this Dating App works on my phone?

HeartMates Dating App is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. You will be able to download the APP to your mobile device. We are here to support you in case you experience any technical difficulty.

4. Can I access the Intimacy Training on the APP too?

We are in the exciting Beta stage of our Dating App & Intimacy Training! The journey to Rome began with one step, yes? And while Allana Pratt is a clever Ivy League heart centered conscious leader... she knows better than to design alone.

Thus, there is at least one LIVE Founder’s Circle phenomenal community design session that will integrate YOUR feedback on how BEST to improve the App as the next round of funding supports even greater ease, functionality and results. How amazing is it to have your past frustrations be heard and to co-create HeartMates into the best dating app.

For now, the Intimacy Training is quite a comprehensive program through our Membership Portal. Dating takes place on the Dating App. Conscious Communication Fridays take place through our Zoom platform. In order to ensure our members have a high-quality experience while using the Dating App and navigating through the intimacy curriculum, we decided to offer them on separate specialized platforms until potentially a one stop shop can be developed. You will access the Dating App on your phone. You will access the Intimacy Training & Conscious Communication Fridays on your internet browser from your phone or desktop.

5. What if I just don’t like it, can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel HeartMates after 6 months of membership.

Why after 6 months? 

Through years of experience, I have found that there is an initial stage where majority of people will self-sabotage and want to quit for various reasons. I want people to go pass the stage where they normally stop and see what unfolds. After the 6 months mark, you may choose to continue or discontinue your membership, or be moved into the HeartMates for Couples to be fully supported in your new relationship.

HeartMates is for people committed to being honored, respected, safe and connected. We value transparency, mature commitment, leaning in when things get uncomfortable... just like in a real relationship. We teach the skills not only to Become the One to Find the One, but Keep the One. Thus HeartMates is a safe sanctuary of high consciousness, heart centered, personal growth oriented people committed to being the wind in each other’s wings as we all Become the One (ourselves) so we can Find the One and Keep the One... Together.

6. I am afraid. I find all love matters hard to deal with. In what ways will I be supported with this training & Dating App?

People who we’ve had the blessing of being in our online communities have reported they not only feel safe, seen and heard... they also feel understood in a way that very few people have EVER understood them. Something inside them rests into peace when they watch a video. They exhale all the way when they hear my voice in meditations. They laugh to the core, weep those good tears that feel so cleansing, they get fired up to show up authentically... they even feel Allana Pratt right with them sitting in the fire facing their own shadows. They find that her LIVE Zoom trainings make them feel so honored because she’s deeply present, loving, nonjudgmental, vulnerable, down to earth yet completely professional. Every step you’ve taken in your life has led you to this profound community where you are healed from your fears, where the past is integrated into your superpower, where you are held in a soul tribe more profoundly than you may ever have known possible. Both clients testimonials and results speak for themselves. Trust your knowing, this is where you’ll finally come HOME and as a results, find the One.

A Sacred Sanctuary
"HeartMates isn’t just a membership, a thing we toss out like spaghetti on the wall. It’s a time tested, proven, deeply sacred gift of enlightenment... where we grow together riding the wave of collective genius that occurs when all hearts are directed inward and outward toward Love. This is my company yes... yet it’s my dharma. My staff are my family. We live our purpose together. Serving you is our reason for being... so you have your most healthy and thriving intimate relationship with yourself, with the Divine and your Beloved. We consider you in our Membership a privilege to cherish you. We create a sacred sanctuary for you to be honored. And my App is designed for honor, safety, transparency, deep heart connection and meaningful conversations that positively impact your soul and humanity. And the curriculum is a lot fun, too ;-) Breaking through is so liberating!" Huge love, Allana xox

7. Why is it ideal to sign-up NOW?

You are in charge.
If you don’t apply to sign up now, if you let skepticism and fear win… someone else may very well meet your HeartMate… I don’t say that to be mean, I say that to be real. If we don’t step up to claim what’s ours, if we don’t put one foot in front of the other to heal the past, raise our vibration, heal our wounds and shine as our authentic self… and someone else DOES… then they will shine, vibrate and attract someone phenomenal in the Intimacy Training & Dating App who is doing the work too! Love, it’s understandable that you don’t want to get hurt again, no one wants to get hurt again… yet if you don’t sign up now, when there is a powerful 2 day bonus workshop to support your success, you’re letting wounds of the past run your life, you’re not in charge, you’re a victim to your circumstances. Isn’t it time to take your power back?

How you do anything is how you do everything.
If you wait and wait and wait...getting the same results you always have on your own… beating yourself up, ashamed, scared and feeling more isolated, lonely and afraid… then how you do anything is how you do everything. You’ll continue to let love pass you by, resisting the discomfort of the unknown, which means even you ever lucked out with a short term relationship, as soon as it was time for a tough conversation, you’d either ghost or be ghosted, avoid or be avoided, spiritually bypass, disconnect and be alone again.
True relationship success requires both bravery and humility, a willingness to go for it and ask for help. Let’s do this, my love. Join now.